Solutions that work.

We offer solutions for developing, maintaining and nurturing the trees and shrubs on your property. Our estimates are free. Vince, Tim, or Liam can meet with you at your property to talk about what your trees need and what you need. We are usually able to book an estimate time within a few days and get to the work within a few weeks depending on the time of the season.

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Tree Pruning

Encourages healthy growth, reduces hazards, and improves aesthetic appeal. Overall structure is improved over time.

Shrub Pruning

Promotes a natural look to shrubscapes, extends shrub life and reduces maintenance frequency. Thinning shrubs by hand will improve airflow and sunlight penetration for a balanced and healthier shrub.

Soil Health Improvement

Soil health is improved by aerating the soil and fertilizing the roots through soil injections. Additional mulching helps to provide a more natural soil profile through decomposition.

Tree Removal

A last resort, with our experience and techniques, we can remove any tree safely.

Pest Management

Minimizes damage from pests to your trees and shrubs. Our plant health care specialists are trained to apply the necessary treatments responsibly and with a minimal-effective-dose approach.

Arboriculture Consultation

Performing tree evaluations and assessments for insurance claims and legal actions.