Efficiency and safety are everything

Your partner in precision tree felling. With a stellar safety track record, we are proud to offer our services for your mining exploration, geotechnical access or land-clearing project.

We specialize in a range of services, including vegetation management, lot clearing, and line-cutting. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the reliability and safety of your infrastructure by employing advanced felling and cutting techniques in tree removal operations.

  • A team of 12+ experienced sawyers
  • General Commercial Liability insurance $2M+
  • Complete Health and safety and training records/policies
  • Ability to train or mentor local labour
  • ~20 years experience as a company

As arborists, we work constantly in new and challenging situations, always solving problems and finding innovative solutions.  We’ve built our reputation and safety record over 20 years of experience as a company in Northern Ontario. We pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating our specialized services into the big picture.

By choosing Rutter Urban Forestry, you are selecting a partner dedicated to delivering outstanding results in tree care and vegetation management for the residential, mining, and construction sectors.

Whether you’re working on an exploration project, line-cutting, right-of-way clearing, lot clearing, or frankly any other operation involving trees, you can trust us to clear the way forward with expertise and efficiency.

Related services

Line Clearing

Preliminary cutting for new utilities, geological surveys, drill equipment access, and new roads. We also do right-of-way clearing under existing service lines.

Lot Clearing

Tree removals and wood disposal all in preparation for new construction, expansion clearing for an existing property, and clearing damaged or dead trees resulting from an invasive insect infestation.

Airport Runway and Helipad Clearing

Removal of trees to facilitate helicopter landing, airports and runways, and height restriction pruning.

Vegetation Management

Hazard tree removal, removal of deadfall, recreational trail clearing, and reducing forest fire hazard by selective forest tending/thinning. Mechanical or chemical control of vegetation encroaching on infrastructure or utilities.

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