What can we help answer?

Do you remove trees?

Yes!  Although we’d rather keep them around longer, we’re tree killers for hire.  There is no situation that we cannot handle, small or large.  We have two aerial lift trucks and our crews are all adept at safe climbing.

Do you do free estimates?

Yes!  There is no cost for us to come to your location, discuss your trees, define a scope of work and offer a quote.  If you’re just looking for information and don’t have an intent to hire anyone to work on your trees, we offer consultations for a nominal fee.

Do you plant trees?

We are not in the tree planting business unfortunately.

Do you do pest treatments?

Yes!  We offer a selection of sprays and trunk injections to target a few notorious pests.  We use pesticides when tree health is at risk, otherwise we prefer to employ other treatments like crown thinning or fertilizer injections.  We can diagnose common pest problems easily.

Do you do pruning?

Yes!!  We like pruning the best because the tree gets to live!  Our pruning treatments vary depending on the needs of the tree and the needs of the client.  We would talk with you on site to determine the best course of action.  See above “Do you do free estimates?”

Do you sell trees?

We don’t offer trees for sale.  We like the local nurseries for tree purchases like Landale, Vanderwees, Creekside, Trevisanuttos or Bill Martin’s.

Do you sell mulch?

Sure do!  We sell mulch for pickup or delivery as shown here “LINK TO MULCH PAGE”.  Our mulch is natural and screened to remove oversized pieces.

Are your employees certified arborists?

Our staff are all either certified arborists or working towards their certification as an apprentice.  We prefer certification thorough the Ontario College of Trades rather than the International Society of Arboriculture.

Are your staff kind, knowledgeable and professional?

The most kind, knowledgeable and professional staff that you’ll ever meet!

Is Rutter Urban Forestry insured?

Yes!  We’re insured a few ways.  We carry WSIB insurance for all our staff for workplace injuries.  Our fleet is covered by commercial fleet insurance.  Our actions are covered by a General Commercial Liability policy.  We can provide proof of any of this if you need it.  We work for a few larger corporations that require a higher level of insurance.

How much does it cost to remove a tree?

It depends.  Small trees can be easy and quick and large trees can we very challenging.  If you include stump grinding in the cost of tree removal, you should be budgeting at least $500 for a smaller tree, $1,000 to $1,500 for a medium size tree and above $2,000 for a large tree.  Keep in mind that a “large” tree for us may be a “humungous” tree for someone else.