Locally harvested for local woodcrafting

The wood we harvest from our urban forest does not go to waste. We work directly with Port Arthur Woodcraft to provide the materials necessary to offer you products that highlight the natural beauty found in Thunder Bay trees.

Custom milling

Urban forest wood products made in Thunder Bay. Live edge slabs, unique lumber, rough cut boards, custom sawmilling.

Live edge softwood slab 3 inches thick.  $135

Live edge softwood 4.5″ thick, 14″ wide and 164″ long.  $220

Bookmatched softwood slabs.  3″ thick, 15″ wide and 131″ long each.  $195 each.

Red pine log cut into slabs for a unique project.  Call for price.

Assortment of large dimension softwood and hardwood boards and cants.  Call for a price.

Variety of slabs and unique pieces available.  Call for pricing

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